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fast  Fast - ready to go in less than 10 minutes
helpful Helpful - real people answering queries 24/7
reliable Reliable - we use the highest quality phone lines
convenient Convenient - no bookings, contracts or cancellation fees
efficient Efficient - we can handle more than 200 callers per conference
collaborative Collaborative - interactive web conferencing
accountable Accountable - recording and playback facility
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1. Get Registered

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  • Join online or call us
  • No credit card necessary
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2. Get Access

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  • Fast setup service
  • Global dial-in numbers provided
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3. Get Conferencing

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  • Start talking

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Need to share documents in your conference? Find out more about web conferencing.

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quote Eureka’s customer service is second to none. Every email or phone call is responded to immediately and if I ever have any problems they are worked through quickly (even if I call after hours). The recording service in particular has helped us tremendously with minute-taking of Board meetings.”

Emily G. Avalon Minerals Ltd.

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