Eureka's Conferencing Services

We provide high-quality teleconferencing and web conferencing services and Australia-based, on-demand phone support 24/7/365.


Clear, fast and effective communication.

Our state-of-the-art conferencing technology is housed in secure data centres within Australia and has complete redundancy.

We own our own infrastructure which means our system is monitored and maintained by us. Your privacy, security and call reliability are in safe hands. 

Pay-as-you-go pricing, no contracts, no lock-in fees and no subscriptions. We offer on-demand Australia-based phone support 24/7/365.

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man dialling-in to a teleconference on their mobile phone
Woman web conferencing on their laptop

Web Conferencing

Bring it all together with web conferencing.

Web conferencing is a cost-effective way to meet face-face with video, share documents, instant message each other and work together easily and efficiently.

Web conferencing increases engagement, improves productivity and significantly reduces the distance between us, making collaboration easier.

Real-time training sessions, presentations, team or project meetings and a range of other events are all a breeze with web conferencing.

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7 days of free conferencing

Accelerate your business decisions, reduce your travel costs, save time and improve efficiencies with conferencing. 
For 7 days of free conferencing, create an account today and gain unlimited access to our teleconferencing and web conferencing services.

No credit card, no contracts, no commitment.

Additional services

Mobile app

eurekaLINK is a no-fuss conference calling app that helps you join meetings directly from your mobile device at the touch of a button.

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Keep a permanent record of your conference. We offer a system to record, store and retrieve your conference recordings.

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Conference Groups

Create unlimited conference groups at no extra cost, so you and your teams can hold multiple conferences simultaneously.

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