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Australian owned & operated


Eureka's Conferencing Services

We provide high-quality teleconferencing and web conferencing services.

Connect, communicate and collaborate with people anywhere in the world.



Clear, fast and effective communication.

We understand the importance of voice-to-voice communication to accelerate your business decisions. We use the same digital technology as Telstra so you get excellent audio quality with fantastic conferencing features.

We have low rates and you only pay for what you use – per person, per minute. There are no contracts or lock-in fees.

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Web Conferencing

Bring it all together with web conferencing.

When combined with a teleconferencing service, it makes for an efficient and cost-effective method of hosting a meeting.

Web conferencing is a fantastic tool for real-time training sessions, presentations, meetings (both small and large) and a range of other events.

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Additional Services


Mobile App

eurekaLINK is a no-fuss conference calling app that helps you join meetings directly from your mobile device at the touch of a button.

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Keep a permanent record of your conference. 

Eureka Conferencing offers a flexible system to record, store, and retrieve recordings of your teleconferences, meetings, or training sessions.

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Conference Groups

Create separate groups for teams or departments.

You can have your own conference codes set up so you never have to wait in line to schedule your meetings or get billed for your colleagues' calls!

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meetME Invitation Tool

meetME integrates with your email applications and a range of calendar tools to allow you to easily create a meeting invitation, including dial-in numbers, for your guests.

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