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We answer the questions about conferencing that you ask the most.

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How does teleconferencing actually work?

Once registered, we issue you with a list of dial-in telephone numbers and a unique host and guest access code. When it's time to conference, the host and guests dial the appropriate telephone number from their location, enter their respective codes, and all parties are automatically entered into the conference call. 

What is the Eureka guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with the Eureka Conferencing experience, you will not be charged for your conference.

Do I need to book my teleconference?

No. Eureka offers a 24/7 reservationless teleconferencing service, so we don’t need to know when you are conferencing with us. It means that you won't get charged if your conference is cancelled either.

How many people can I have in the teleconference?

Eureka can handle more than 200 callers in any one teleconference. If you expect over 20 callers in a conference, please contact our friendly helpdesk and we will tailor your conference setup to maximise your teleconferencing experience.

What if I have a large, high profile conference?

No problem! Here at Eureka, large conferences are an everyday experience. Let us know when the conference is scheduled for and we can tailor your conference setup to “Presentation Mode”, allowing the best teleconferencing experience for you and your guests.

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Dial-in numbers, time zones, etc.

What if there is no toll free number for the country required?

The caller can make a long distance call to our platform in Australia, and this call cost will appear on their phone bill. The host then pays the conference connection charge. Alternatively, the host can connect the guest from within the conference via our Host Dial Out service (special conditions apply).

Remember, participants in Northern Ireland must use the 'United Kingdom' number, and participants in the Republic of Ireland use the 'Ireland' number.

What’s the difference between a capital city number and a national toll free number?

Participants calling into a capital city number will be charged the toll from their telephone carrier to reach that number. The host only pays for the conference connection. Participants calling the national toll free number from a landline will not incur any charges.The toll charge and the conference connection charge go to the teleconferencing account holder. Callers from a mobile phone to the toll free number may incur a charge from their mobile carrier depending on their individual plan.

What is the best way to plan a teleconference when all the participants are in different time zones?

We have found handy tools to help schedule meeting times in different time zones:

Time difference calculator: 

Meeting planner:

Where do I get my recording?

The conference recording can be downloaded from our website. Simply enter your Customer Portal Number and Host Access Code, and you will see all the recordings made under this code. From there you can download to your desktop or website.

Each conference recording has a unique replay code. This replay code will be the code your guests will be asked for when dialing the toll free replay service.

Click here for more information on Recording.

Why would I use Host Dial Out?

This feature allows you to step out of the teleconference temporarily to invite guests into your conference. You can control the guest list by dialling them into the conference personally.

You can use this service to ensure that important guests join your conference successfully. You can also use this service to consult with a colleague or bring a guest into the conference without them having to worry about codes or phone numbers. This service is not automatically activated on your account as special conditions apply. If you wish to find out more about this service please contact our Customer Support team.

Do you offer a transcription service?

Unfortunately not. We specialise in teleconferencing. However, we can recommend the following user friendly transcription software - and it's free!

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How do I pay?

You can register a credit card number with us and after you use the service a tax invoice is emailed to the account holder. They will have 14 days to check the invoice. After this period, the invoice amount will be deducted from the nominated credit card. Customers with a valid ABN have the option to pay by cheque, or remit on a 14 day account.

What charges do I pay if I use a mobile phone to connect into the teleconference?

Mobile phone users calling a capital city access number will be charged the normal call charges from their mobile carrier. If they call the national toll free number, they may still incur a charge from their mobile carrier, depending on their individual plan.

Why is Eureka so cheap?

We can offer low pricing without compromising our quality due to our investment in reliable, automated and integrated systems. This affords us low operational costs and the ability to manage high volumes, as well as liberating our Customer Service Team to focus on your conferencing requirements.

How much will my teleconference cost me?

Our pricing is very straightforward. There is no charge to register, and there are no subscriptions or monthly charges. You will only ever be charged for what you use.

Click here for pricing or call 1300 935 430 or an obligation free estimate.

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