Free conferencing features

Customise your conferencing account with any of these free conferencing features to ensure your meetings run seamlessly.

Select any of these free features

Additional conference groups
Track usage and costs more effectively

You can add additional conference groups at any time. Separating your conferences by providing staff with individual Host Codes ensures you can track usage and costs more effectively. Multiple conferences can also be held at the same time.
Guest entry on mute

Eliminate background noise and interruptions

Guests entering the conference will only be able to listen. This ensures the host is not interrupted while speaking. Guests can then unmute themselves later so they can contribute ideas and ask questions. The host also has the ability to mute all guests at any time during a conference and unmute them when appropriate.

Participant name announce (on entry and/or exit)
Know exactly who has joined and left your conference

Each guest is asked to record their name upon entry to the conference. The recorded name is then played into conference on entry and/or exit.
Conference quickstart

Increase efficiency by opening the conference as soon as 2 people have joined

In some instances you may need a conference to start quickly, even without the host present. Conference Quickstart allows your guests to start conferencing immediately without waiting for the host to arrive.

Automatic disconnect

Avoid unexpected charges by ensuring guests don't continue conferencing

The conference can be set to automatically disconnect once the host has hung up. This ensures conferences are shut down when they finish and the host will not be charged for guests staying on the lines.

Project codes

Simplify billing between departments

Project codes can be chosen by the host and are used to identify a particular project on your invoice.

Personal identification numbers

Easily on-charge your clients by assigning a PIN to each conference guest

A different Personal Identification Number (PIN) is given to each guest, which allows you to identify each participant in the conference. This allows you to simplify your billing if you would like to on-charge costs to your guests.

Guest mute override

Allow your guests to mute/unmute themselves 

Generally used for large conferences when guests are placed in 'listen only' mode. Guest mute override allows guests to unmute themselves by dialling *6 and mute by dialling *6 again.