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What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing is a cost-effective way to visually communicate with people in different locations via the internet. It enables the host to share their screen with those participating in the web conference, who will all be sitting at their own computers.

A web conference can be interactive (webinar), a one-way presentation (webcast), or facilitate a completely collaborative environment (web conference).

This means you can:

  • Stream slide-show presentations to your audience.
  • Broadcast a message or event.
  • Collaborate with participants, share documents, videos and web content.
  • Conduct polls and surveys in real-time.
  • Send and receive files to people in remote locations.
  • Host an interactive online meeting.
When combined with a teleconferencing service, web conferencing makes for an efficient and cost-effective method of hosting a meeting.

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Why should you use web conferencing?

What is web conferencing used for?

Web conferencing is an invaluable tool for:

  • presentations
  • real-time training
  • large and small meetings
  • online events
  • sales meetings where you need to discuss figures via shared spreadsheets
  • new product or policy releases where management might want to show diagrams, illustrations, photos or documents
  • project collaboration where there might be multiple parties working in different locations on the one project
  • sharing documents or diagrams in real-time

As you can also record your web conference, you can review the contents of the meeting at a later date and distribute it to those who were unable to participate in the meeting.

To learn more about web conferencing, start a live chat with us or give us a call on 1300 857 032. Ask us about our web demonstrations.

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