Teleconferencing with Eureka

A reliable conferencing service with 24/7 support.


Our service

With our teleconferencing service you can meet with anyone around the world at any time of the day or night via your telephone. 

Eureka offers an easy do-it-yourself service and provides 24/7 Australia-based phone support every day of the year. 

With over 40 international dial-in numbers, our teleconferencing service is sure to meet all your requirements. 

There are no subscriptions or monthly fees, only simple pay-as-you-go pricing with some of the lowest rates available. 

Create an account today for 7 days of free teleconferencing!

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How to join a teleconference

1. Dial

Call the dial-in number provided to you on your telephone.


2. Enter

Enter your host or guest access code and press the hash key.


3. Talk

Start talking to your conferencing to your conference guests.



Why choose Eureka?

24/7 customer support | Stable & reliable calls | On-demand conferencing | Crystal clear audio
Security options | 7 days free conferencing  | Pay-as-you-go service | Host dial-out service

Optional teleconferencing features

Unlimited Conference Groups

Hold simultaneous conferences at the same time with multiple sets of codes. 

Guest Entry on Mute

Guests enter the conference automatically muted to ensure no background noise.

Conference Quickstart

Guests can begin a conference without a host needing to be present. 

Participant  Name Announce

Entering a conference plays a pre-recorded message with the guest's name. 

Automatic Disconnect

Conferences will stop once the host leaves to ensure they are not over-charged.

Conference Recording

Audio recordings are securely held on our server and can be accessed for 28 days.

Personal ID Numbers

Identify each participant in the conference by providing them with a unique PIN.

Project Codes

Identify conferences related to a particular project on your invoice.



7 days of free conferencing

For 7 days of free conferencing, create an account today to gain unlimited access to our teleconferencing and web conferencing services.

No credit card, no contracts, no commitment.

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