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Teleconferencing with Eureka

A reliable conferencing service with 24/7 support.

Why choose Eureka?

blue tick.png 24/7 customer support 

blue tick.png stable, reliable calls

blue tick.png reservationless, on-demand conferencing

blue tick.png crystal-clear audio

blue tick.png conference security options

blue tick.png free conferencing for the first week

blue tick.png pay-as-you-go charges (after your free week)

blue tick.png host dial-out service

Our dial-out service enables the host to dial participants in. This can be a good option if you want to make certain everyone who needs to be on the teleconference is actually present. Call us for more information.


Can you still conference when out of the office?

Yes. You are not restricted to using a desk phone with our conference call service. Eureka's mobile app - eurekaLINK supports those who need to meet and connect while they are on the move. Of course, you can also use your mobile phone to join a conference without using the app.


How to join a Eureka conference

Step 1

Use your desktop or mobile phone to dial the dial-in number relevant to your location. You will be provided with this list once you create an account.

Step 2

Once prompted, enter your host or guest access code to be joined to the conference. It's that easy!


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