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Dial the correct number

This might seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people don't!

Check your time zones!

For international teleconferencing, check your time zones to ensure everyone knows when the conference starts.

Check your time zones here.

Don’t ever be late!

Dial in a few minutes early. Always be the first to greet your guests.

Take a roll call and remember to announce yourself!

Announce your name before you speak. Your guests may not recognise your voice.

Never put a call on hold!

If you have on-hold music or tones, the whole conference will hear it! Get in the habit of using the mute button!

Use your mute button

If you are not talking, the assumption is that you are listening! Use mute for minimum disruption during your teleconference.

Speak slowly and clearly

In a teleconference, it is easy to forget that you are addressing more than one person. Speaking slowly and clearly allows for all delegates to both listen and understand your point.

Eliminate background noise

Don’t fidget, click, shuffle, scrape your chair, tap, hum, or anything equally distracting – it will drive everyone mad!

Avoid using your mobile phone

You can’t always guarantee the line quality of mobiles, so where possible we recommend the use of a landline.

Stick to your agenda!

Keep to your agenda - time is money, and some participants may need to go to bed!

Close the meeting formally!

Not only is this more professional, it ensures that your guests know when it’s finished!

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