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I am having trouble dialling into conferenceā€¦

Within Australia

Be aware that some mobile service providers often block toll-free numbers. If you cannot access your conference using your mobile, try these alternatives:

  1. call the direct dial number (+61 3 8687 0635) from your mobile
  2. dial the toll-free number using a landline phone
  3. call the helpdesk and one of our team will join you into your conference*


Do not add any prefixes or country codes to the international toll-free numbers. The number is to be dialled exactly as it appears.

Australian mobiles cannot access international toll-free numbers from overseas. If you need to use an Australian mobile overseas, you must call either an Australian Capital City number or the Australian Toll Free number. You will incur roaming charges. 

Alternatively, you can use a local landline or local mobile phone to dial the International Toll Free number for the country you are in.


I keep hearing the welcome message after I have dialled in...

After calling your dial-in number, please enter your host or guest access code slowly. The system needs time to recognise each digit.
Please also ensure you enter the hash (#) key after your code.

Contact us

If you need assistance, please call our 24/7 helpdesk on 1300 857 032.

*There is a fee of $9 (plus normal conferencing costs) for an operator to join you into the conference.