Web Conferencing

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What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing is a cost-effective way to visually communicate with people in different locations via the internet.

A web conference can be interactive (webinar), a one-way presentation (webcast), or facilitate a collaborative environment (web conference).

This means you can:

  • Share screens with participants.
  • Stream slide-show presentations to your audience.
  • Broadcast a message or event.
  • Collaborate with participants, share documents, videos and web content.
  • Conduct polls and surveys in real-time.
  • Send and receive files to people in remote locations.
  • Host an interactive online meeting.
Business man web conferencing on his laptop

Woman web conferencing with a colleague

What is web conferencing used for?

Web conferencing is an invaluable tool for:

  • presentations
  • real-time training
  • large and small meetings
  • online events
  • sales meetings
  • new product or policy releases 
  • project collaboration
  • sharing documents or diagrams


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