Web Conference with Infoshare

Add a visual element to your remote meetings.


Our service

With our web conferencing platform you can collaborate with anyone around the world at any time of the day or night - all you require is an internet connection. 

Eureka offers an easy do-it-yourself service and provides 24/7 Australia-based phone support every day of the year. 

Our easy-to-use, feature-rich platform is sure to meet all of your web conferencing requirements. 

There are no subscriptions or monthly fees, only simple pay-as-you-go pricing with some of the lowest rates available. 

Create an account today for 7 days of free web conferencing!

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How to start a web conference

1. Launch

Download Infoshare and log in with your details.

2. Schedule

You can schedule your meeting for the future start instantly.

3. Join

Invite your guests by email the web link via Infoshare.

3. Start

Start web conferencing! Meet face-to-face and share screens.


Why choose Eureka?

24/7 customer support | Stable & reliable calls | On-demand conferencing | Crystal clear audio
Security options | 7 days free conferencing  | Pay-as-you-go service | Host dial-out service

Web conferencing features 


Illustrate and create diagrams using drawing tools.


Exchange messages with your conferencing attendees.


Emphasise your presentation with pointers and markers. 


Share questions and answers from attendees via chat.

Push URL

Send a web page to open on each attendee's device.


Create a poll with questions and multiple-choice answers.

Send files

Share files or folders with one or all attendees.


Keep a record of your web conference for distribution.


7 days of free conferencing

For 7 days of free conferencing, create an account today to gain unlimited access to our teleconferencing and web conferencing services.

No credit card, no contracts, no commitment.

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